Vaccine Basics: What You Need To Know - DVD

Vaccine Basics: What You Need To Know - DVD
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Vaccination has become one of the most important and controversial subjects of our time.

There is a great deal of information and misinformation and parents and healthcare professionals are understandably confused: Do vaccines prevent illness? Are there dangerous side effects? Should I vaccinate according to the CDC schedule, delay vaccines or not vaccinate at all?

Board-certified physician and internationally recognized advocate for informed vaccination choice, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny provides in-depth and scientifically-documented responses to parentsí most commonly asked questions.

In this two hour presentation, you will learn the basics of vaccines, including:

∑ The history of the smallpox and polio vaccines

∑ The CDCís recommended vaccine schedules and the challenges associated with combining vaccination ingredients

∑ The actual risks of contracting hepatitis B, tetanus, chickenpox, pertussis and rotavirus diarrhea, and if the vaccines are protective

∑ The facts about flu shots and other pandemic vaccines

∑ The origins of the mandatory vaccination policy

∑ Vaccine exemptions for school entry

∑ The importance of childhood illnesses in providing natural immunity.

In this compelling documentary, Vaccine Basics, What You Need to Know, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny provides comprehensive, factual information on vaccines so parents and practitioners can make informed, and sometime life-altering, health care choices.

Vaccine Researchers Running time - 2:09:01